Zhermack Elite Glass Cartridges 2 x 50 ml


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Medium bodied CLEAR Addition silicone. Used for making a clear matrix, which can be light-cured through when preparing veneers.


  • Creation of clear molds directly in the mouth of the patient for the subsequent application and polymerization of light-curing materials
  • Can be used in a variety of clinical situations that require enamel shaping work for cosmetic treatments: pigmentation, closing diastemas, correction of dental rotations, crown fractures, morphological dental anomalies, creation of temporary crowns, etc.)


  • The formulation of elite glass has been designed to create completely transparent moulds, allowing a variety of cosmetic dental problems to be resolved quickly with excellent aesthetic results
  • The use of elite glass significantly reduces the non-polymerised surface layer of the composites due to the inhibition by oxygen


  • Clear, allows the polymerization of light-curing and self-curing composites
  • Thixotropic
  • Hard after setting (70 Shore A)
  • Accurate
  • Dimensionally stable over time and to disinfection
  • Easy to reposition in the mouth after setting
  • It can be finished after setting with a cutting blade or bur

Package Contains:

  • 2 x 50 ml Cartridges
  • Mixing Tips

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