NSK Varios Surg 3 Optic 230V Ultrasonic Surgical System


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Product Information

NSK Varios Surg 3 Optic 230V Ultrasonic Surgical System :

  • Powerfull Ultrasonic Surgical System with LED Illumination

Embodying the Pursuit of Perfection :

  • Ultrasonic bone Surgery systems are essential in modern Surgical and implant treatment. The powerful variosurg3 hand piece features a slim and lightweight body that ensures minimal hand fatigue and outstanding visibility. A variety of tips makes procedures easier and stress-free to help provide more precise and efficient treatment

Features :

  • Major Power Boost
  • 3 Modes (SURG, ENDO, PERIO)
  • Select able Burst Mode
  • 9 Programs (SURGx5, ENDOx2, PERIOx2)
  • Adjustable LED Light intensity
  • Automatic Cleaning Mode
  • Feedback Function
  • Auto Tuning Function
  • Dynamic Link Feature

Package Contains :

  • 1 Control Unit
  • 1 LED Handpiece with 2m cord
  • 1 FC-78 Foot Control
  • 1 Sterilization Cassette
  • 1 Handpiece Stand
  • Pack of 5 Irrigation Tube
  • Other Accessories
  • Basic H-S Kit (H-SG1, SG3, SG5, SG6D, SG7D, SG11 and Tip holder)

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