NSK Apex Locator IPEX 2 Complete Set


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Product Information

NSK Apex Locator IPEX 2 Complete Set :

  • Auto-detects the apex accurately in any condition, dry or wet :

  • Based on the results of numerous clinical trials and verification tests, NSK created Smart Logic, a next-generation Apex Locator compatible with diverse tooth forms, and that provides superior accuracy in detecting the root apex. At the biologically crucial root apex - the Zone of Precision - the iPexII is able to provide a clear and accurate image of the file tip’s location on its LCD panel

Next-Generation Smart Logic Controller :

  • NSK's Smart Logic controller combines two advanced technologies to accurately analyze signals. iPex Smart Logic technology removes virtually all signal interference from the root canal itself to precisely detect the location of the apex

Features :

  • High-precision root canal measurement generated by using SmartLogic
  • Auto-detects the apex accurately in any conditions, dry or wet
  • A stylish and compact body consuming very small space
  • Three different alert sounds depending on the location of the file tip, ensuring precise procedures
  • A three-colour LCD panel with very low reflectivity, allowing clinicians to accurately and instantly monitor procedure progress
  • Energy saving and low operation cost

Package Contains :

  • 1 Control unit
  • 1 iPexII Probe (1.8m)
  • 3 iPexII File Clip
  • 3 Lip Hook
  • 3 AAA Manganese Dry Batteries
  • 1 iPexII Tester

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